Image showing an example of objects within the SFRS Heritage Collection.  It is a paper invite to the retiral party for the James Bryson, the superintendent of Glasgow Fire Brigade from giving details of the party time and location. It is dated 1884.


Our heritable assets span across centuries and relate to the early days of local and informal firefighting arrangements, through to the formal establishment of Scotland’s first Fire Service in Edinburgh in 1824.

We continue collecting to the present day, ensuring we represent Scottish Firefighting history throughout its continuing evolution.

Our holdings range from firefighting equipment and fire appliances to uniforms and fine art. We also hold a large range of paper items such as photographs, Fire Masters letters, annual reports, stations logs and training documents.

Alongside these physical items we also consider the intangible; memories and traditions passed down by firefighters, their families and the general public as part of our cultural heritage.

We want to make the SFRS Heritage Collections more accessible. Our team is developing an online, searchable database to share more of The SFRS Heritage Collections with the public than ever before. Be sure to check this page for regular updates on our progress.

Our holdings cover the whole of Scotland, if you have an item you think we would be interested in please visit our Support us page for more information.

An image of two fire appliances in the SFRS Heritage Storage site. One vehicle is from 1824 and is on display in the museum, and the other is a larger, more modern vehicle from the 1980s. Both vehicles are painted with red paint.
1824 appliance in the forefront of the image – Scottish Fire Service (Photo by Ross Parker / SNS Group)