It started here

Our origin story: It started here

Scotland is home to a Series of Firsts in firefighting history and many notable events. Take a scroll through our timeline to read about some of our highlights, and find out how the first Municipal Fire Service – in the world, started here- in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Our Journey Begins…

Sketch of James Braidwood © Museum of Scottish Heritage 2022

James Braidwood, Edinburgh’s first Fire Master

Did you know the world’s first public and local authority funded Fire Service was established in the city of Edinburgh in 1824?

James Braidwood was the City’s first Fire Master and he developed lots of new and innovative techniques to improve firefighting at the time. Braidwood was responsible for the first PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) given to firefighters in Edinburgh (a helmet with protection for the back of the neck) and ensured firefighters maintained a strict fitness regime to stay in tip top shape! Learn all about his life as Edinburgh’s first Fire Master and his lasting impact on firefighting procedures and culture.


age of our oldest fire appliance


years is the average lifespan of a fire hose


Home appliance fires in 2021


vehicles in the SFRS Fleet

  • We’re 5 Stars!

    We’re 5 Stars!

    Everyone has worked hard to get the museum developed and open to the public. Our volunteers have been involved every step of the way and continue to offer an exceptional service.

  • From the Basement: Two large valves

    From the Basement: Two large valves

    Find out more about from the basement: two large valves

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