Balck and white image of classroom from Gullane, the Fire Services training school. The image shows rows of desks with papers on them lined up to face a board with chalk writing on it.

We love to learn

Just like firefighters are continually learning throughout their careers, at MosFH we also believe in lifelong learning. We use the history of our organisation and people to provide activities that light a spark in the mind.

Use our free resources to learn more about the people, events and objects that have shaped the firefighting community across Scotland.

What do we have to offer?

Through the lens of firefighting our resources address industrial, scientific and social changes in Scotland. We have a variety of online and downloadable learning resources available for you to begin your journey of discovering nearly 200 years of firefighting history.

Our future offer will include school sessions held at the museum. Please check back in with us in autumn 2023 for more details or email [email protected] to be added to our mailing list.

TWINKL – Educational Resources

Take your learners on a journey to explore the history the fire service and the role that the modern day fire and rescue service plays in society. As a formal partner of educational resource TWINKL, the SFRS have worked with the team at TWINKL to create instant access to inspirational teaching ideas, interactive activities, resource packs, and PowerPoints.

All topics are curriculum linked:

  • James Braidwood and the Great Fire of Edinburgh
  • How the Fire Service work with animals
  • Role of the Firefighter
  • Evolution of Equipment
  • Firefighting Uniform

See our Resource page to access these great resources for free.

SFRS History of the Fire Service Outreach and Education Pack

Our education pack is a free, downloadable resource, complete with activities and educators notes to support successful delivery. Lessons can be tweaked to suit a range of ages and abilities, but work best for learners aged 8-16 years old. Topics covered and activities included are:

  • Firefighters at War
  • Women in the Fire service
  • Evolution Uniform
  • Not Just Fires- the role of the modern day service
  • The Fire Brigades Union
  • Pop quiz
  • Art & design activities

Home Safety

Would you like to know more about how to say safe at home? Complete our handy checklist to ensure you are being safe and responsible at home, created by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Community Safety Team.

Black and white image of a fire appliance with the locker doors on the side of the vehicle open to show the range of equipment side. A firefighter is reaching into the vehicle to remove some hose.
Fire appliance with lockers open to show equipment inside, late 1930s.


We have many useful resources and educational material – spark your own personal interest, use at home or in the classroom or even as part of a visit to our museum.