Museum and Trust Plans

Museum of Scottish Fire Heritage and the Fire and Rescue Heritage Scotland Business Plans

Museum Business Plan 2023-26

The Museum of Scottish Fire Heritage Business Plan spans the first three years of the new museum and sets out ambitions for the opening and development of our brand-new facility. Scotland has a rich fire history and we want to utilise the museum to showcase how Scotland has shaped fire-fighting across the world. The exhibits are only part of our offer, with our team of staff and volunteers providing additional knowledge and insight into the fire service past and present. We strive to provide volunteers with meaningful opportunities to develop and engage with members of the public. They are key to the delivery of a successful visitor experience; many of whom who can provide direct experience of working for the Fire Service as ex-employees. This plan also details our digital ambitions; utilising digital platforms to share our wider heritage collection and ensuring we have a global audience. Our other key ambition is to provide a high-quality education and engagement programmes. Utilising fire heritage can be an extremely effective way to promote current fire safety advice and information across a range of demographics and communities. We will develop educational materials that take cognisance of the Curriculum for Excellence and will explore ways of delivery, both online and through school visits to the museum site. The development of the museum has faced challenges, like all visitor attractions over the last few years. The opening of the museum now represents an exciting time where we look forward to welcoming visitors in a safe and friendly manner.

Fire and Rescue Heritage Scotland

We’re passionate about the heritage of the fire and rescue service in Scotland. We want to share this unique heritage far and wide.

This includes:

  • acts of heroism
  • the stories of the individuals who have committed their lives to it
  • cultural and commemorative activities
  • engaging with the public to improve fire safety to help create more resilient communities

We work with groups what operated under the eight legacy services in Scotland. We learn from each other, share ideas and work together to make best use of what we have.