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We host a range of events and activities throughout the year. These include specialist talks, children’s crafts and more.

“Sci-Fire” Creative Writing Workshop

Museum of Scottish Fire Heritage 1A Dryden Terrace, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

As we celebrate the past, we can also think about what the fire service has become, and how it might look in the future.

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(Specialist Talk) – Fire-Space: How Edinburgh shaped Global Fire-Safety Standards

City Art Centre 2 Market St, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

This talk offers a brief overview of key fires that occurred in Edinburgh from 1426 to 1911. It considers the way these fires were shaped by the particular character of Edinburgh’s built fabric, and outlines those local legal frameworks that were developed to stop their re-occurrence.

(Specialist Talk) – Disasters of the 19th Century Old Town – A focus on the Great Fire 1824 and Paisley Close 1861

City Art Centre 2 Market St, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

This illustrated talk will tell the story of the fire that burned for three days and at one time threatened to destroy the whole of the Old Town. Contemporary sources will be used to examine the appalling living conditions of the time. It took another disaster in Paisley Close in 1861 to shock the Edinburgh establishment out of its complacency.